For several years I’ve been mesmerized by the beauty I see when I walk the street here in Copenhagen, Denmark. I simply can’t take my eyes off a woman who dress and carry herselfs as if she loves life. Life is beauty and beauty is life. Look at flowers, they mostly exist for the sole purpose of looking beautiful and inspire awe and tranquility with their beautiful scent.

From now on, I will start photographing and sharing my experiences and vision of female beauty with you, right here on this site. I’ve started this blog to have a place to share my impressions, encounters and resulting images with you.

I’ll mostly be shooting here in Copenhagen where I live, but naturally I’ll also be shooting when I travel.

So… is this a fashion blog?

No, not really.

Foxy Ladies is not a fashion blog as such. I don’t care if your bag is a Burberry, 2’nd hand gift from granny, home-made, tailor-made, whatever. I’m not The Sartorialist. I care about individuality, style and personality. Not brands. My focus is on attitude and the wide diversity of beauty.

I love shooting people who dress to be seen. Not because they’re egomaniacs, but because they love style, and carry themselves with a healthy amount of self-esteem. Women with a positive attitude.

Dress to impress? Dress to express!

So I will shoot women who dress not so much to impress, but rather to express.

Beautiful portraits as well

Being a portrait-centric photographer, there will probably  also be a focus on head shots.

Why do I call it Foxy Ladies?

The name I’ve had in my mind for this project has long been “Foxy Ladies” … which seems to have multiple connotations, depending on which person you ask.

To me, a foxy lady is one that makes you turn your head. No matter whether you’re guy or girl. gay or straight.

What makes me turn my head, is beautiful females with a unique style, sexiness and a positive, confident attitude. Women who rest in themselves.

A foxy lady is the kind of woman Jimi Hendrix sings about:

Billy Ocean also puts it very well:

Damn! I fuckin’ love the 80’s by the way! Best decade ever. One of my favorite tracks ever. One that can ALWAYS make me smile and feel good.

How about you?